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Our Strains: Developed over the last 35 years using organic and sustainable practices in Southern Humboldt County by Lawrence Ringo and his sons. On a great "hook up"  Lawrence ended up in Humboldt in the late 70's. Two years later he got on a piece of land and started breeding his favorites and mixing them with the new strains his buddies brought from around the world. Over the years Lawrence created one of the most respected seed banks in the world. Lawrence dedicated his final years of life stabalizing several strains of high CBD genetics and training his 3 son's to follow in his foot steps...


                 Seeds come in packs of 10 to 13, and are never feminized.


Seeds Available for legal CALIFORNIA residents only!


$100 Donation

Our best CBD strain currently available. A Harle-Tsu has won Highest CBD award at the Emerald Cup in both 2012, and 2013. For a CBD variety it grows like an indica, short, stout and sweet. Originally Sour Tsunami male and Harlequin clone; this generation is Harle-tsu X Harle-tsu. Testing on this generation is showing almost 100% chance of being CBD rich! CBD levels can be up to 20%, with up to a 20 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC.

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$100 Donation

Canna-Tsu is the offspring of a Sour Tsunami male that was tested at 14%CBD and a Cannatonic clone that also tested high in CBD's. 50% should be CBD rich.

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Hula Buddha

$80 Donation Out of Stock

Buddha's Sister x Pineapple Thai 80% Sativa 20% Indica  Will mature after 10 Weeks With a strong Sativa dominance, this strain is one of the biggest in the garden. Huge sweet flowers give you a creative up beat experience that is great for the morning. Mold Resistant.

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Purple Cheesel

$80 Donation. Limited

 Purple Cheesel[(Purple Diesel/ Skunk #1) x (Cheese)] x (Purple Erkle / Cheese)

16-18% THC 

This strain is: 40% Sativa & 60% IndicaWill Mature After 8 Weeks

Medium Sized Plant.

Sweet Cheese, Sweet, Musky Taste. Very Potent and Fast Acting

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Pineapple Cheese

$80 Donation Limited

Cheese x PineappleThis strain is: 30% Indica 70% SativaWill mature after 8 weeksThis plant has a sweet, cheesy smell and taste and has a creative energetic high.

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To Be Renamed.....

$80 Donation

Purple Kush/ Diesel/ Skunk 1/ Cheesel x Sour Diesel

This strain is: 80% Indica 20% Sativa

This strain: Moderate THCWill mature after 8 weeks

This medium sized Indica dominant strain smells and tastes like grapes with floral and cheesy overtones.

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OG Ringo

$80 Donation- Out Of Stock

High THC This strain is: 70% Indica 30% Sativa and will mature after 8 Weeks

  A beautiful Indica dominant looking plant that produces large dense blossoms that are aromatic and earthy with floral undertones, a smooth sweet smoke and is truly lovely! Been working on this on for over 9 years.

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$80 Donation Out of Stock

Cheese Clone x (Double Diesel x Skunk #1)60% Indica 40% Sativa

Will mature after 8 Weeks

Moderate THC16 to18%

Medium sized stout plant. Cheesy skunky and creative.

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